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What we offer?

Nighttime observations with telescopes

Daytime observations with telescopes

Night photography and astrophotography

Laser presentations of the night sky

Astronomy, stargazing, telescope observations and astrophotography

What better way to spend your evening?

What is a better way to spend an evening than taking the journey to the stars? This amazing experience is fun and educational for everybody and any age! Learn about planets and constellations when our astronomers show them on the sky with their astronomical lasers. Take a look through a really big optical telescope and discover distant galaxies and nebulas all by yourself. See how technology helps us discover the universe when using high tech robotic telescope and astrophotography gear. And finally – see and learn how to take amazing pictures of night sky and distant objects far in space! This amazing experience is dedicated to all ages and all areas of interest and it’s a great adventure to take during your holidays!
Explore the world of astronomy!

How it works?

Book your tour

Choose which place and day you’d like to take the tour. Pay with card or with paypal. Receive your online ticket (no need to print it). Shall you need to reschedule - contact us!

Join the tour

Follow the directions sent to you via email and find us 15-10 minutes before the tour starts. Don’t forget to dress accordingly to the weather (it’s usually colder in the evening.
If you’re a photographer (pro or beginner) - make sure you have your camera!

The journey to the stars!

Enjoy magical evening of astronomy, observations, astrophotography and amazing legends, stories and science facts! Follow our fanpage and share your amazing pictures from this adventure 🙂

Something special!


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Covid 19 Safety

Our activity is absolutely consistent with the regulations regarding Covid19 pandemic. Throughout the whole experience the distance is maintained and the masks are worn. The astronomers use gel to make sure all the surfaces of the telescopes or cameras are properly disinfected after they were touched.
Visit us in our own place

Finca Astronomica!

Located far from the city lights, surrounded by vegetable fields and ragged mountains, Finca Astronomica is a marvelous place to spend your evening, day or even stay the night.

Join us for a daytime solar observations and evening dark sky observations, enjoy delicious food, bonfire, amazing company and the relaxing atmosphere of nature!

For animal lovers there’s an extra bonus – our bunnies, parrots, cats and dogs are very friendly and happily interact with humans.



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