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What we do is mostly about astronomy but also about making the world a better place and helping others understand how to do it. We have all decided to leave our successful but very regular lifes and start the amazing adventure of fulfilling our dreams. We organize astronomical observations, events and activities but when we are not doing that, we are constantly learning new craft, interact with nature and find ways to live in better harmony with it. Follow our blog to know about interesting astronomical facts but also about all the amazing things we do and all the great things we can offer you!

Finca Astronómica

Finca Astronómica It’s been four months since we started working in making our dreams come true and we’re happy to say we like what we see 🙂 A piece of land with dark skies Ever since we started organizing astronomical

Astronomy tour described by our client

My astronomical adventure During my holidays in Spain (not the first ones and not the last ones!) I came across this offer of Astronomy Tour. „Astronomy?” I thought, „that’s something I’ve never done before.” I clicked the add and entered