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Finca Astronómica

Finca Astronómica

It’s been four months since we started working in making our dreams come true and we’re happy to say we like what we see 🙂

A piece of land with dark skies

Ever since we started organizing astronomical activities, we always knew, the best way to experience a night with the stars is in a proper location 😉 We always dreamt about having our own piece of land with great dark skies, with place to sit by the fire, relax by the pool, surrounded by nature and with proper access to amenities. A nice kitchen would be a bonus too so we could serve our guests delicious food and drinks.

Hard work makes dreams come true

Our dreams came true when we got a land far from the city noise and lights, surrounded by vegetable fields and mountains. As soon as all the paperwork was done, we rushed to work!
 As the budget was not overwhelming and we were really eager to have everything done as soon as possible, we decided to do all the work ourselves!

Good words helped us in this adventure

Four months later, our Finca is ready for our amazing guests and we keep working to make it even more!
 Some of our guests had a chance to see the progress in our work when they joined us for Astronomy Night in our Finca those past months. Those of you who visited us in times when we were still working on a toilet and when the fence was not yet ready to face the power of Mediterranean winds and supported us in our work, we have a great “Thank you!”. All the positive feedback, encouragement and good words helped us greatly living this adventure!


As we are entering the Spring, Finca Astronómica has fully equipped kitchen, really beautiful restroom, cozy fireplace area and comfortable dining area.
 We have a big hole which we intent to change into a lovely pool. Orange trees, banana palm trees and almond trees are already growing too. 


A mini zoo of mini animals

Since we are full time animal lovers, it has always been known that the Finca will be a mini zoo as well. Besides a German Shepard Orión and Curie, the loveliest cat ever, we have adorable bunnies and cute little baby birds too. And we’re just beginning! Soon some Guinea pigs and mini goats will be joining the fun too! Our animals either run free or have really big spaces where they can enjoy as much freedom as possible and our guests can enter to enjoy feeding them, petting them or simply being with them 🙂

Great place for families and friends

Visiting Finca Astronómica is mostly about astronomy. That’s the place you go to learn about space and see distant objects via the telescopes. You get to listen to amazing stories and facts about the Universe and see the stars and constellations. What is more amazing however is that you get to spend your time with really great people (we’ve had only great guests so far), talk about the wonders of the universe, the progress of science, the history of human species, astrology and all the possibilities that come with them. You get to relax with delicious food, a bottle of wine and peace and quiet of the countryside.

Easter eggs

Soon we’ll be inviting you to visit us for day time events as well! As the days grow warmer, it is time to take a closer look at our own star especially in the times of its high activity that we have right now. Look the sun in the face and learn about its life. Get to know how, using the sun, the ancient scientists calculated the size of Earth and distance to the sun!
 Finca Astronómica is full of surprises and I haven’t even spilled them all yet.

Follow our fb to know about all upcoming events and activities and prepare to have a great time. We’re looking forward to having you here with us!


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